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7 Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques That Work

This may be an indicator that momentum is giving the downtrend. At exactly the same time, a good bullish engulfing design made an appearance, further building the truth a reversal was going to happen.
Hidden divergence works the contrary way. In the downtrend, concealed divergence is assessed from the highs and is also a tendency continuation indication – not really a reversal signal.

If you ask me, you certainly do not need to hold back for a wholesome trend to have a concealed divergence trade, however the setups that take place within strong developments usually will effortlessly have an increased strike rate.
Within the image above, you can view another healthy downtrend. This time around, as price is making lower highs, the MACD collection and histogram are making higher highs.

This may be an indicator that momentum is getting into the trend. Increasing the case of any trend continuation, you can view several good bearish engulfing habits that took place after nice retracements.

Both of these candlestick habits would’ve made great access triggers.
Sometimes, style retracements move more sideways than up or down, so that it takes a little experience to obtain a good feel for choosing quality candlestick habits within these retracements.

Fibonacci Retracement Trading

One of the most often used Japanese candlestick charting techniques is to incorporate candlestick habits with Fibonacci retracements. You might have already seen my article about Fibonacci retracement trading .

The key to the approach is to only sketch your Fibonacci tool from healthy swings in cost (start to see the picture below) in support of take habits that develop within the “sweet location” of the Fibonacci retracement.
Within the image above, you can view a nice golf swing lower in price that your Fibonacci retracement was attracted from. After price retraced in to the “sweet place,” a good evening star style produced, engulfing 5 candlesticks.
One advantage to the technique, very much like trading invisible divergence, is that you will be taking trades in direction of the overall tendency – instead of betting resistant to the style with a reversal trade.

However, like trading concealed divergence, it requires practice to choose quality candlestick habits that form within the retracement of the trend.

Candlestick Alerts and Oscillators

Apart from using oscillators for trading divergence, you can also use a few of them (like the stochastic oscillator pictured below) to simply assess set up current price is “overbought” or “oversold.”

This is a simple Japanese candlestick charting strategy, but it could be effective in qualifying good candlestick habits. In fact, this is the first strategy that I coupled with candlestick trading that truly worked for me personally.

The idea is the fact, if price is overbought, a bearish reversal is much more likely to occur. If price is oversold, a bullish reversal is much more likely to happen.
Inside the image above, you can view a solid bullish swing in cost. At the very top, a nice taking pictures star candlestick produced. Adding to the grade of the trade, price was overbought (above the 80 level) when the taking star formed, in line with the stochastic oscillator.
Many professionals use the stochastic oscillator to ascertain when price is overbought or oversold. However, the RSI is also very helpful for this function, or even more useful.
Inside the image above, you will see the same graph as previous – this time around with the RSI fastened. As before, the filming star made as price was overbought (the RSI was above the 80 level).
Candlestick Trading Within Other Systems

A different one of the best Japanese candlestick charting techniques, and one of the very most profitable out of all the techniques that I’ve tried out, is using candlestick habits within other trading systems.

Remember, don’t assume all trading system will continue to work in blend with candlestick habits.

For example, at DAYTRADING Forex Live we use an extremely specific price action accessibility, called the “confirmation entrance.” Candlestick habits won’t work within this technique, at least much less entry triggers.

Other trading systems, like the Infinite Success system (pictured above), work very well with candlestick habits. Actually, certain candlestick habits are even educated in the Infinite Wealth course within their “Reversals” operate setups.

THE VERY BEST Dog Trading system also works perfectly with candlestick habits and even longer-term price action habits, like two times tops and brain and shoulders habits.

Final Thoughts

Using these Japanese candlestick charting techniques can help you be eligible better candlestick setups to operate. Needless to say, you’ll occasionally filter a trade that would’ve been profitable.

The main point is not to capture every profitable trade. The main point is to boost your probability of taking profitable investments by concentrating on quality over variety.

As I stated previously, you can incorporate lots of the techniques shown. However, each new filtration system means fewer deals. In the event that you incorporate way too many techniques, you may never get a trade installation at all.

Traders that contain been scanning this blog for some time know that I’m a major enthusiast of candlestick trading. However, I never operate real naked price action.

I simply haven’t acquired success with it, therefore i can’t in person recommend it. Your experience could be very different. Do whatever works for you.

If you’re a fresh trader, I would recommend trying a method that works together with the overall craze, like trading Fibonacci retracements or invisible divergence.

I am hoping that posting this set of Japanese candlestick charting techniques has influenced someone to try a few of them or has given you various other suggestions to try. Do you utilize these techniques or others in combo with candlestick habits? Leave your responses and questions below.

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