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International Credit Union Day

Credit Unions round the world change lives in their areas. On Oct 20, 2016 we celebrated International Credit Union Day alongside one another.
It was a tiny band of weavers in Rochdale, Great britain that created the first modern co-op, it was a tiny band of German improvements that created the first credit union in 1852, it was Alphonse Desjardins and allies in Levis, Quebec that created Canada’s first credit union in 1901, and it was Ed McCaffrey and seven friends that created Assiniboine Credit Union in 1943.

Never question that a tiny band of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the earth; indeed, it is the only thing that ever before has. –Margaret Mead

These market leaders created a business design that transformed bank by placing people first. They assumed that banking must not be about income generating money, it ought to be about “People Being able to help People”.

Credit Unions

Those early on innovators were led by clear key points of co-operation, which continue steadily to guide credit unions today. They realized that a business design that was had and democratically handled by the users of the financial co-operative would ensure that the well-being of the users would be the most notable top priority of the business.

Once you stop to take into account the fact that employees of the credit union are also participants themselves, and the volunteer table comprises of customers elected by the account to govern the credit union, you can view how this original model is really centered on People Supporting People.

Perhaps they distributed the passionate viewpoint that I been told years back from a co-operative leader–“Always try something that can’t be achieved by yourself, and always try something that can’t be achieved in your daily life.”
As era after technology dedicated themselves to the collective, long-term eye-sight of building an improved world, the credit union activity has grown hugely. If you believe about the 217 million people of 57,000 credit unions in over 100 countries, we live an enormous global family– something to be very pleased with.
Credit Unions Adding People First

Credit unions’ people-first concentrate has been identified numerous industry awards. Relating to a study by the Canadian Federation of Individual Business (CFIB), credit unions rated first as it pertains to financing the business enterprise needs of Small to Medium-sized Corporations (SMEs). On the 2016 Ipsos Best Bank Honours, credit unions were:

First for CUSTOMER SUPPORT Brilliance (12th consecutive season);
First for Branch Service Quality (12th consecutive calendar year);
First for Ideals My Business (9th consecutive time);
Champion (tied) for Financial Planning and Advice (9th consecutive season);
Success (tied) for ATM Bank Brilliance (2nd consecutive yr);
Champion (tied) for Online Bank Superiority (2nd consecutive yr);
Victor (tied) for Live Agent Mobile phone Bank (4th consecutive calendar year); and
Success (tied) for Automated Cell phone Banking Brilliance (4th consecutive yr).
Assiniboine Credit Union

Assiniboine Credit Union is a values-driven financial co-operative. It’s not merely how we conduct business; it’s why we conduct business. It identifies who our company is and it can help us change lives in the lives of a large number of Manitobans.

WE LIVE People Helping People By:

Offering socially liable investment opportunities to your members.
Operating where in fact the banks won’t loan company, like ACU’s branch in Winnipeg’s North End.
Offering usage of bank services to those who find themselves under-served.
Buying local market leaders who are creating answers to a few of the most complex challenges inside our communities.
Minimizing our environmental impact each year.
As an inclusive and diverse location to work, and an established Top Employer.
Aiding our employees who volunteer for initiatives that produce a notable difference, like Habitat and the LITE Pancake Breakfast time, and Increasing money for low-income individuals who are accumulating their personal savings for important things in real life education, simple Furniture, a home, or starting a small business. It had been this work that resulted in Assiniboine Credit Union being given the 2015 Country wide Credit Union Sociable Responsibility Award.

Thanks a lot for Ceelebrating AROUND!

On Oct 20th–International Credit Union Day–Assiniboine Credit Union became a member of with this global credit union family to remember our co-operative background and accomplishments, as well as the impactful role we play inside our communities today. Thanks a lot for celebrating around!

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